Friday 16th September 2016 -Audition Skills

For the audition skills lesson we were all given a playing card and were told that what ever number we got was how confidently we had to walk around the room and act as in silence. As I got a Jack I proceeded to walk with confidence, slightly lifting my head and walking swiftly. We then had to find the other people we thought had similar status without talking and it was interesting that we did this successfully just by observing how others held themselves. I took this as confirmation that a persons confidence in the way they walk and move can be easily spotted by others and can be obvious to other people around you. We were then explained too that in an audition its important to always have the feeling of having the king which is the highest card, without playing or over exaggerating it. I though this was good to know as people auditioning you can see your confidence so its important to generate this as it connotes preparation and drive. This seems like really useful advice because after watching peoples monologues on the induction day, those who had more confidence stood out over those who did not. Then we were challenged to walk neutrally into the room, give eye contact with every member and then walk off. It was interesting to see that some people have small habits such as turning their feet out or looking down which may need to be addressed. Apparently in auditions they can often make their mind up by the time someone has walked into the room, so I found it useful having this discussion so that I can prepare and try to minimise any of my small habits. It was also beneficial to be able to spot what people were doing when told to be neutral as it helps develop my observation, which is important in acting to re create a person in a realistic way.


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