Friday 9th September -Audition Skills And Research

Our first session of audition skills was today and we watched the year 2 actors perform their summer work which was to do a Shakespearean monologue. We had to do this on our induction day and you can see mine bellow. I chose Julia in act 1 scene 2 from The Two Gentlemen Of Verona. Although we spent the session just watching other peoples monologues, I found it really useful being able to see other people acting to help with things I should and shouldn’t do when performing myself, as you could clearly see what worked and what didn’t. The two things I mainly noted were confidence and clarity. The people who had obviously spent lots of time on developing their monologue to a point where they could do it with confidence stood out in the right way. Similarly those with clarity were easier to understand and made for a better performance. I have made sure that I remember these things in particular when performing a monologue next.

The rest of the day I had self directed study where I spent time researching independently towards my commission work and the research task.


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