Monday 12th September 2016 -Frantic Assembly Chair Duets

We were off timetable today as a media project in college required a lot of the actors to be missing from lessons. However those not involved took up the ‘Frantic Assembly Chair Duet Challenge’ instead. I studied Frantic Assembly at my old school and even incorporated it in my A level drama devised piece, so I already knew a lot about what they did and the style of performance.This was useful as we were paired up and told that we had the next two days to come up with our own ‘Chair Duet’. My partner Jamie and I watched several example videos on YouTube and began to see things we wanted to use in our own. We then developed a sequence of movements and went over them until we could do them smoothly and seamlessly. This then got added to music and we worked on this throughout the day. Some of our piece didn’t originally quite fit with the music tempo but after Jamie and I discussed how we could get around this we saw that this could easily be rectified by slowing one of our movements down, which also added nice contrast to our piece. It was a fun style to work in and I feel like I have an even better understanding of it after today. I think it might even be a nice addition if we included it in any physical theatre and non naturalistic stylised pieces we do at a later date. I really enjoyed the day and learnt a lot about this style and working as a team to get the piece to become fluid. The first video is our early on attempt. The second is a more practised version.



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