Monday 5th September 2016 -Staging

Today’s practical lesson was spent looking at the different types of staging you can use when performing, such as thrust, proscenium arch, in the round, traverse, promenade and immersive. We discussed the effects it gives when using each of them and it was discussion I felt like I took part in heavily, as I had previously looked at this in A level drama and also from previous productions that I have been in. I was able to say how each might add to a performance and the different types of shows you could stage in certain ways for the fullest effect. However it was interesting to hear different people’s ideas and perspectives on the matter, especially with the idea that a traverse stage could be used to split the two different sides of the audience against each other as if in teams, this is something I hadn’t considered previously but something I also thought was a really good idea for certain theatre pieces and I will try to use (if relevant) in a piece I work on in the future. Although I knew a lot of what we looked into already, it was also good to recap the best positions to stand in as an actor in each different type of staging. We did this through creating each stages audiences and then solving the problem as a group of where would be the best places to stand for the maximum amount of impact and the most audience members being able to see the actors. I am certain it will be something I will use in our work throughout the year; such as making full use of the vomitoriums in the round so that almost all audience members can see you. I remember using this previously and this has reminded me how important it is when working in the round so I will make sure to do this next time I perform this way. It was also good to start problem solving as group as it is a useful skill in the industry. Overall the session was really useful in recapping the basics, especially as our commission work will benefit from us all having knowledge in staging a piece of theatre.


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