Tuesday 6th September 2016 – Voice Skills

We looked at voice in today’s practical session with the aim of adding vocal observation to our skills set. We learnt how people’s voice qualities vary through pitch, tone, volume, tempo, accents and their articulation. We did this by observing other members of the groups voices without their knowledge in a starter activity. We were split into half and only one half were told to look out for the other halves vocal qualities. This was a good exercise in my opinion as I became aware of the different qualities of different peoples voices without them changing how they would normally talk seeing as they were unaware that I was carefully listening to their voice. Observing the way people speak is crucial for acting as you begin to associate certain vocal traits to physical characteristics and it also means you can give a more truthful portrayal of a person or a character if you pay close attention in how they speak. I will definitely be trying to observe people’s voices in my everyday life and on TV , as I now see how interesting and useful this will be and observation is a skill I’d like to develop. We also gained some wider knowledge on how the voice and mouth function, learning new terms such as the alveolar ridge and the soft and hard palate, this gave me a new way to think about voice and how sounds are physically created. At home i developed this understanding further by looking into different diagrams to give a more visual idea on the voice, such as the diagram bellow.



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