Tuesday 27th September 2016- Commission Work

In our lessons today we focused on the second story we will be performing as part of our autumn commission street theatre work. We read through two slightly different versions of the same story called ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ which was one of the suggested stories from our sharing. Once reading both versions of the story as a group, we then went onto getting into small groups to discuss what dramatic features we liked from each and if overall there was one of the versions that we preferred. Although we did not entirely prefer one of the scripts over the other, our favourite visual images that we thought would look good done physically included the ocean and a storm at the end of our piece when the rich man or emperor is defeated, the poor people who needed helping through the magic paintbrushes powers to make whatever the owner draws come to life, the dream aspect of how he gets the paintbrush in the first place and the money tree or golden mountain the rich man wants the magic paintbrushes owner to paint for him. We thought that these had a lot of creative leeway meaning we could make the story our own through employing physical theatre. The three dramatic visuals we continued to look further into were the poor people who needed help, the dream aspect and also the ending with the ocean and the storm. We went off into groups to look at one of these each. Our group did the poor people needing help and tried to find what would be obvious things for an audience to see that we would be in need of. We ended up with someone who was cold and needing a coat, someone ill who needed medicine, someone thirsty needing a drink and also someone who couldn’t walk needing a walking stick. I think these worked well as it is easy to see if someone is acting cold or thirsty so the audience would be able to follow the story more successfully. The group looking into the ending came up with a really good idea to use ribbon and fabric in varying shades of blue and grey to represent a storm and an ocean. This is good as it is relatively easy for us to achieve, is cost effective because they’re cheap props to make and get the materials for and its also visually really interesting and engaging to watch. Hopefully this is something we can include in our commission as I do think it will add to our piece in a positive way. The group looking into the dream side just confirmed to me that it is a nice element we can include in our piece which gives the paintbrushes random appearance more mystery but meaning at the same time. Overall the session was useful in finding what elements we wanted to look into further and also getting us to look at ways we could get around some of the magical elements.


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