Friday 30th September 2016-Monologue Audition Skills

In audition preparation we started by watching a couple of the second years university and drama school audition monologues. The year ones were only able to see Harry and Leah’s but it was really nice to watch such developed pieces that they had both been working on for a while now. One really useful thing that was brought up was the fact that some audition panels like you to perform it to them directly and others prefer it if you direct it at the characters in the scene. This is something I previously didn’t know, so when the time comes that I have auditions I will make sure to ask the panel before showing them my piece which they would prefer of the two so that I give myself the best chance at a successful audition. The year ones then went off to discuss auditions with Lynn further. The main advice she gave us was to never apologise in an audition. She said that confidently walking in, performing and finishing will make for the best audition. Its all in the preparation and they may test you by changing up the style or the way you say the speech so you have to be ready for what ever the audition panel may through at you. We then discussed any plays or monologues we have found that we could look at for audition pieces and this is a discussion I felt like I took part in massively being a huge fan of plays and already done some looking into good audition pieces. I told the group about my three favourite playwrights Duncan McMillan, Simon Stephens and Laura Wade as these are the ones I use for contemporary. People places and things is my favourite to do a more serious monologue from and is often the speech I will use. Lynn also made the good point that its sometimes good to consider who you can actually play as I will never be able to play Helena as im too small. I also don’t have the build for someone like Portia from The Merchant Of Venice or Viola from Twelfth Night as they both have to be disguised as believable males. Lynn recommended that I stick to the younger female characters such as Juliet from Romeo And Juliet. This is good as my go too Shakespeare monologue is Julia from The Two Gentlemen Of Verona and also explains why I may have been cast as Hermia in A Midsummer Nights Dream, which I am currently working on with a theatre group outside of college. Lynn really emphasised to us that we need to focus more on who is suitable to us rather than just picking characters we want to play but just wouldn’t be suited for.


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