Wednesday 5th October 2016- Script and Improv

For our lesson with Garry we began by discussing the things we do or think an actor should do when getting a new script. Firstly we said that you need to read the whole script  to really understand your character and whats happening in the script. The list of things we came up with included:

  • Knowing your characters backstory
  • The plot
  • Where they have come from
  • Where they are going to
  • Their overall goals and also goals at each moment
  • Relationships with the other characters
  • Deeper meanings
  • What lines or words to emphasis and stress
  • The iambic pentameter if it is Shakespeare
  • The location
  • The plays purpose
  • Audience

These were the things that as a group we came up with so that you can performing it as accurately and well as possible. They also became very useful as after this we were put into pairs and given a duolouge. Bellow is the script I was given and what ill be working on for the next few weeks. Its a really gritty and interesting piece and im looking forward to experimenting with it and developing the character of Harper.



After reading it through we were informed that it was actually a duolouge taken from a film. Ours was called Angels In America and I will definitely be watching it before next lesson so that I can see the whole story line and gain more of an understanding about Harper as a character.

We then had our improvisation lesson with Erica where we looked at anthropomorphism and giving inanimate objects human characteristics.hoover We looked at the Henry Hoover sets if they were humans and how their names, shape, eyes and colour gave us ideas as to what they would be like. Our group decided they were a family and that ‘Henry’ was the standard father figure as he is the most common of the hoovers. We decided the pink ‘Hetty’ hoover was his teenage daughter who would be very girly and flirtatious, from the eyelashes and pink colour. The ‘James’ hoover we thought would be the young attention seeking toddler who thought he was really useful as his yellow colour and small shape gave off this impression. The blue hoover ‘Charles’ we assigned as the great grandfather as he had a taller shape which we took as higher status in the family tree. We also thought that he would be the posh and intellectual member of the family. Finally was ‘George’ hoover who from his small shape and green colour we devised the idea that he was the annoying uncle who like to talk about trains. We also assigned him a naisle voice and hunched stance to go along side this. After this practice of turning inanimate objects into people we then looked at some other normal everyday objects and characteristics we associated with them. Our group specifically got a mop, tin foil and a makeup compact. The makeup compact we decided would be a very fake person, sassy, fancy, feisty and pretty. For the tinfoil we suggested that as a person they would crumple easily and be a fragile person. The mop we decided would go unnoticed as they are soft and boring. After coming up with these concepts we then devised a short piece which put these three characters together. Bellow is our result:


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