Thursday 6th October 2016- Creative Choices

We went to the Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds today and we spent the day looking at different job positions available within a theatre. This event was called creative choices and personally it was a very beneficial events day. We were put into colour groups and the first area that my group got to experience was technical. They had someone from outside the theatre give us a short tour of the theatre and explained how he got involved in the business. He stressed the importance of contacts and being a nice person who people want to work with. This goes along side what Garry always says about us always auditioning and that word will spread about you. It was really fun being able to see the set currently on the stage but most of the areas of theatre I already had seen from my work experience there, previous shows and also visits. Even though this was the case it was nice for the group to be able to see our local proscenium arch theatre. It is also one of the oldest theatres in the county and very beautiful and unique. It is definitely somewhere I enjoy performing and would consider working for in some of the other departments.


The next talk was with the educational department. She talked about how she tries to make theatre teach people and get across life messages. We did an activity where we had to get into groups to create five freeze frames that summed up beauty and the beast. Then we had to take the message of acceptance and make a modern day version. Our group decided that a homeless person would portray the beast and the character of Belle would buy him food, fall in love and accept him for who he was. This would be a really good activity about teaching acceptance for children, I liked how the workshop was so interactive. The next workshop was spent looking at the roles of the box office and front of house staff. This was with David who also runs youth theatre which I do on Wednesday evenings. David has definitely had a huge impact on my performing as an actor and also given me inspiration for possibly teaching  young people theatre. His workshop was another highly interactive one as we were able to act out different scenarios if we were working at the theatre and what we would do. This showed us how the theatre reacts in certain scenarios and also gave me and added interest to perhaps apply to work part time at the box office or even volunteer for front of house. The final activity was all about marketing and as this is where I spent most of my work experience with them I knew a lot about how they operated and the tasks you do everyday. We did however get one of their advertisement press releases that was purposefully ridden with mistakes to see how critical you have to be in checking your releases. It also gave us the basic layout of a press release which as I do Spinning Wheel Theatre Takeover will be very helpful. We have to do everything including the marketing and press releases ourselves so I now have an understanding of what is going to attract the audiences and also what newspapers will be alright with publishing.





























































































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