Friday 7th October 2016- Audition Preperation

In our audition preparation lesson we started with a warm up by standing in a circle and passing around the energy. We also came up with an exaggerated noise, motion and interaction to emphasise this further. We then watched some peoples monologues both Shakespearean and contemporary from both acting year one and year two. We watched then gave feedback on what we thought of their performance. Lou went first showing us her Shakespeare monologue where she was playing the jailers daughter. I think she had really carefully considered her characterisation and I loved how her facial expressions conveyed her young love. Advice that the group gave is that she could act a little silly as her character is young and also madly in love and this would enhance this. Others also suggested that to help show this perhaps she could do the piece with a country accent which would also help to show her status. Another suggestion was that her hands were in the same position throughout the piece so something she could work on is varying this. Jack went next and showed us Alistair from the play Posh by Laura Wade. I had previously read the play and been to see it a while ago at the Salisbury Playhouse. Without knowing he was doing this as a monologue I still recognised the character and play almost immediately which goes to show that he had focused on characterisation and it payed off. He performed with real control and both vocally and movement he embodied the character really well. I thought he had an excellent piece of work that was very different to Jacks everyday characteristics. Next Emma went to show us her monologue as Nell from the play like dreaming, backwards by Kellie Powell. After seeing her piece, although it was hard hitting and emotional for an audition we thought it might be too depressing for a drama school audition piece. Liam was the last person to show some of his work. He did a piece that he was still working on and it was clear that he still had a far way to go with it. He was very engaging and something that I did enjoy was that he started by taking a moment to get into character and then lead forward which was really effective in engaging us as an audience.


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