Tuesday 11th October 2016- Commission

In choir we started to look at jingle bells as in the industry Christmas themed work tends to start being looked at from September onward. However this particular session really backed up what Lynn had been speaking about the previous day with head and chest voice. I could notice in the alto harmony which parts were chest and which were head. This was really good for me to be able to spot in myself these two different voices and where I changed over. It put into practice what Lynn had said so has definitely provided me with a increased understanding. Then for our commission work we again added to our version of the magic paintbrush. This mainly focused on the two spies and the emperor who are the villainous characters in the piece. I especially liked the over exaggerated comedic whispering that Ines does into Justins ear. I also am still loving the contrast with the two spies characters and think they add and element of fun to the performance. This is especially good as we didn’t want the villans to be scary for young children, so by taking a comedic route instead this dilutes possible fear. This is also true for the moment where Justin has to show his anger and disappointment at the paint brush not working for him and we decided because he has a louder booming voice and is a larger guy, that perhaps it might be better if he throws an over the top and comedic tantrum, which should stop him from being too frightening to a younger audience. We also used a lot of physical theatre to create the sneaking scene where the spies take the paintbrush. We decided upon having Ma Liung testing out the paintbrush by painting a hat, hat stand and a table and then these were made from the cast. They also became items that the spies hid behind as the sneaked up to grab the paintbrush.


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