Thursday 13th October 2016- Commission Progress

Warming up today we started by singing a round of hey we to the other world boys so that we could warm up of voices for the songs in the magic paintbrush. As well as this we sang our poor bird, we split into small groups so we could do this as a round too. I really enjoy singing so this was a really fun start to our commission work for the day. Finally we went on to our actual Chinese song and Karolis had come up with a rhyme which we expanded to create a second verse for the song. This helped to add variety to the worker scenes. We also discussed possible costume ideas of greens and browns or perhaps greys with our main character Ma Liang in something different. We then planned our marketing photos which we are having taken on Monday. We thought something to do with the whole cast and the physical theatre of the trees or perhaps even the river might look quite effective. The variation of shape and height would be something that in still image looks impressive and fun which is how we want to promote our show. We then finished the magic paintbrush blocking so that we have a full basic outline of a performance. We had Ma Liangs capture and also the comedic refusal to draw what the emperor wanted. We used similar sounding words such as robe and rope. Hopefully the audience will find this humorous. We then worked on the final scene where the emperor asks for an island of gold, but Ma Liang makes a storm which sweeps away the emperor. We chose to have people construct a few trees the far side of our staging and then have the ocean from a blue sparkly material. To create the storm we will be having grey ribbons on sticks which people will twirl in storm like shapes, which is very visually interesting. After blocking the ending we ran through our piece fully and Lynn decided that we should do hot seating for the different characters, including inanimate objects. I found this extreamly useful and I think it will be very beneficial for our piece as I think previously people hadn’t thought much about their characters past and present life. It helped us build our own world within the larger world we have created with the group. The small details are so useful even if the audience never know them as it adds realism to each character. It also helps us acting wise as we have a clearer understanding of what our character would and wouldn’t do.


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