Wednesday 12th October 2016- Improvisation

Today I attended the student representative conference so unfortunately I missed my lesson with Gary and script work however I finished it in enough time so that I could have the lesson on improvisation with Erica. We looked at inanimate objects again, but this time around focused on specific locations for our scenes to take place for example:

  • a handbag
  • a sewing kit
  • fruit bowl
  • first aid kit
  • under the kitchen sink

The location that my group was given was the handbag, from this we chose our objects. I decided that I should be a shed door key, Justin had a desire to be a condom and Eren chose to be a phone. The reason we chose these objects was because these were common things that most people can relate to having in their handbags. For the phone character we decided to have him always awake and buzzing to represent the characteristics of a phone. For the condom we chose for him to be strong and highly into safety. Finally, for my character of the shed door key we decided that I should play her as stupid. The plot for our piece consisted of the key character getting dropped into the wrong compartment and the other two character’s displeasures at her arrival. We also added some small touches such as Eren’s phone character having to leave our scene as realistically phones are taken out of handbags on a regular basis. I’m enjoying looking at inanimate objects and I’m developing my skills and hoping that progress will be shown.


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