Friday 14th October 2016- Audition Preperation

In audition preparation we looked as we usually do at the pieces people had to offer. I particularly enjoyed seeing Mia do her contemporary monologue because I had yet to see her do this. I thought she had chosen the perfect character for her playing age and capability as the character really suited Mia and the way she talks and looks. She also had a clear idea of everything in the bedroom and where it was positioned, this meant that although we couldn’t really see her bedroom, we could easily imagine it and knew the layout exactly. This was also true for her imaginary friend because Mia gave her a very definite position. This helped the audience to understand what Mia was saying and clarified everything to a higher level. Something I though Mia could work on is knowing where her room is relating to where her family are so she knows the direction she wants to aim her speech at. I also thought she could work on emphasising the emotion in some moments which I personally believe she could afford to push further. Liam then showed his Edgar Allan Poe piece again to see how he had been progressing with it. It was clear he had spent a lot of time taking on bored the feedback from last week and finding ways to incorporate it into his monologue. It had improved drastically and his clarity and characterisation were much better. He could however work on choosing when to move, as at times it seemed a little forced. We also decided as a group that he could afford to let the madness of his character come through a little more as we felt he was holding back and that is not something his character would be doing at every moment in this speech particularly. Finally Karolis and Sabrina showed the duologue they had been working on for Garys scripted lessons. It had come along way since I had seen it last and I thought they had a really good connection between their characters which helped it to be realistic and believable. Their accents still limit the piece a little as it is hard to understand fully what is being said at all times. Although this is sometimes the case, I really enjoyed their piece and thought that the staging of it was natural and the whole piece felt easy to watch.


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