Monday 17th October 2016- Commission

Today we had our sharing of the progress made towards our commission pieces. The actors and dancers watched each others work so far and commented on their opinions of the pieces. You can read more about this under my autumn commission work where I explain the feedback and what we have taken from the sharing. However to summarise, we need to work on as a group saying our lines with confidence so that they can be heard in a busy public space no matter what, having larger more comedic facial expressions as it is fitting for our story and style of theatre we are performing in and also having clear characterisation throughout. This was really constructive feedback that we can really work on to get our performance to a good place. I am happy however with how we have progressed and the work we have got at this moment in time, I believe we are on track for our performance date. It was also good to see the dancers work so far. I really enjoyed their choice of story and how they had chosen to tell it. I thought the characterisation in their dances was brilliant and as an actor this is something I always look for in any form of performance. After the showing we then took some marketing pictures we hope to send as press releases to help advertise and market our show. We also discussed other marketing strategies we could use and make on a low budget. We decided that Liam would make a digital flyer or poster that we could post on facebook and email around to different schools or people we think might be interested. I also suggested a short trailer which I have now been tasked to create.


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