Tuesday 18th October 2016- Commission Work

We looked today at the second of our two street stories which we haven’t done for a while. We went over the casting as we have lost some members of the group since then but I am still playing child number three. We read through all of the script that Lynn had written so far and then got into small groups based on the characters relations. So I went with Karolis and Sabrina as they are the two other children and I have a lot of character interactions with them and we wanted to find the similarities and differences in the characters. We ended up choosing Karolis to play the adventurous and brave child number one. Sabrina will be playing child number two as the intellectual and more sensible middle child and I have got child number three who is the ‘runt’ of the children and looks up in admiration at the other two. She wants to be like her siblings and wants attention even through she is aware that she will never get it. The part of the script where my character gets the magic cudgel she has a line saying that now she wont be beaten up anymore. This we thought was a line that summed up my character well and gave the basis and foundations to what we came up with in the session. On top of this we practiced talking in unison and Karolis, Sabrina and I have some lines which we all say at the same time and we realised this was something that needed work on. We wanted to get all of our characters across and still get the timing of our speech in sync. We definitely improved upon this element by the end of the lesson. Mia had created a rhyme for the goat which I thought was really effective and fitted well into our script. Liam spent time in the session developing the mother as he is playing a dame character. He came up with a really effective shrill but booming voice and quite a juxtaposing wide stance as if he saw her as a wide woman. The trade workers of Tom, Eren and Jess worked on differentiating from each other and I thought that each was very fitting. Tom was a proud worker, Eren a flee ridden donkey owner and then Jess made the innkeeper sly and slimy. Finally the world characters created a movement sequence for when the three children travel the world. It had dance, accents and took from the dominant ideologies of each place they represented.


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