Wednesday 19th October 2016- Script And Improvisation

In the script lesson, we watched the pieces Gary had previously assigned to us. We firstly watched Sabrina and Karolis who were eager to show their scene from high fidelity. I really enjoyed how the two of them had such a clear and strong relationship which was made clear to us through out the piece. It was a really comfortable piece to watch and they both put the audience at ease even though they were arguing which was impressive. Sometimes the clarity did go due to both of them having heavy accents but I understand that if they had focused on accent then they may have lost the flow of the piece which made it so naturalistic. I really liked how they positioned themselves when sitting down as the fact they lent into each other helped it to become believable. Karolis did however have an awkward moment where he stood up looking at the chair which did break the realism as it was an unnatural point for his character to be just stood the way he was. Another improvement they could work on perhaps is lines as they did loose where they were in the script at one time. Otherwise I think they did a great job with the piece they were given and both of them had clearly thought about characterisation. Jess and Justin went next and in their piece I really enjoyed their characterisation also. I thought Justin and Jess had both considered carefully how they would act as a character individually and together. I personally felt the relationship between the two characters and thought it worked well. There was however some moments where Justin lost some of the clarity in what he was saying. Jess also mimed a magazine and dropped it half way through without realising and also as she was meant to be doing a crossword, this element of their performance didn’t quite work as they physically contradicted what they were saying. Next Ryan and I performed our scene which was from a film called Angels in America where he played Joe and I played Harper. I had watched the film and spent a lot of time considering my character, going through Uta Hagens questions for acting so hoped that this would be a good performance. Bellow is the result:

From the feedback the group seemed to enjoy our piece and we got a lot of positive feedback about the execution of the lines. Justin who had seen our script and how many interruptions it had involved in it said that we executed them exquisitely. The group and Gary agreed with this which pleased me as Ryan and I had spent a long time rehearsing to get the lines just right and the timing of our piece to flow well. I also got a lot of lovely comments about how I performed my characters emotions and let the piece build, showing different sides to my character. We had some feedback saying that the bin may not have been the best mime and we could have left it out but this was still just a little minor thing. Gary also mentioned that I used my hands a lot when speaking quickly and that Ryan moves his eyebrows a lot which might be something we try to restrain on in the future and is advice I predicted as I felt like I used my hands more than usual in this performance particularly.  Bellow is the recorded feedback in full which goes into more details.

Finally Mia and Liam showed their piece which was the longest of all the scripts. I was impressed at how even though they dropped a line they carried on in a professional manner making it almost unnoticeable. I loved the relationship between the two characters and how they acted this as the idea of relationship was a key part to their scene. They were very engaging with the way they spoke each line and I particularly like Liams interpretation of his character. I found myself laughing a large amount in their piece purely on how well they timed the comedic lines.

In improvisation we carried on the work we were doing on inanimate objects. This time we worked on creating a whole group piece with the location of a fridge. We said that depending on the persons status, gender and dietary requirements varies what people have in their fridges. We took this idea and developed a thought that we could have a vegan girlfriend moving in with her meat loving boyfriend. This created conflict between fridge items and became a good out line for a plot. We then created characters that already lived in the boyfriends fridge which included beer, meat and a lonely tomato that fell out somewhere. We also created the girlfriends food which included soy milk, vegan cheese and kale. We took these characters and planted them in the scenario of the girlfriend moving in and came up with small improvised scenes on how they reacted to the new food items. To finish we also had a few rounds of turn left which I always enjoy as it allows you to be very creative and also to help you think quickly and improve on comedy skills.


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