Thursday 20th October 2016- Commission Work

Today we looked at ‘The table, the donkey and the cudgel’. We had our first run and began to block as many scenes as we could do. As Sabrina was ill Ines stood in for her character. We wanted to develop three very different characteristics for the three children but still find a way to show that they were related. We decided that Karolis would be the strong and brave heroic story book stereotype, Sabrina would take on an intelligent middle child character and I would have the runt of the children, who was a little slow and wanted to fit in with her older siblings but it wouldn’t be until the end that they finally accept her. This fits in with the story well as as she is the one to recover their stolen magical possessions. We were challenged with the fact that this is a pantomime style piece with exaggerated characters. Mia was also challenged with zoomorphism as she is playing the goat. Bellow is the video of some of our rehearsal. We tried to make our characters as bold as we could.


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