Thursday 3rd November 2016- Commission

We were given in the commission lesson our completed script for ‘The Table, The Donkey and The Cudgel’. This meant we could entirely block the script which we spent the entirety of the lesson doing. We were in a confined space due to room changes but this gave us a more accurate representation of the space we will really be performing in as it will be outside in a busy area. We also managed to name the three children who were originally called ‘1,2 and 3’. They are now called Chloe, Joey and Philomena. This helps to show the third child as different from the other two. We had previously said that she would be the stupid child but now we have slightly changed it so that I will be playing the enthusiastic energetic child and the other two slightly slower. In our character lesson we developed this further as we looked at Jacques Lecoq and the approach to acting using seven levels of tension. These different levels of tension can be linked to any character as you can find where your character would be on this scale. This helps with how you hold yourself and move. We decided that I am a different level of tension to the other two children as I am playing a more quirky and alert character.


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