Monday 7th November 2016- Commission,Props and Auditions

Today we went through the entire blocking of the table the donkey and the cudgel. It helped to recap what we had staged so that we could begin to focus on what we needed to do to improve it and get it to a place where we could perform it to our audience. I learnt the importance of being at every rehearsal as Sabrina had missed a few sessions and she was behind and wasn’t up to date with some of the new blocking for the three children. As well as this we also spent some time working on the props for both of our street story commission pieces. I have taken over the responsibility for making the huge cudgel from Tom, who had made a basic outline. I started paper macheing and that is when I realised how much time and effort this one cudgel was going to take. I made a good start at it and plan to work on it whenever I have a spare moment. After that I shall make the handle and begin to paint the cudgel, hopefully mixing in some PVA to make it slightly more water resistant, as the weather hasn’t been the nicest and there is a high likely hood that it will rain when we are performing. In seasons time we had the first audition for Lillies on the land, which will be the female acting piece we perform in February. I wanted to challenge myself so I decided to read the play in advance for context and then learn all four audition parts for the main cast. I am happy with how the audition went although I feel like I still do not show my full potential in auditions as my nerves get the better of me. It was very valuable auditioning no matter what the results are, as the audition practice is useful to me and will get myself more used to the process.


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