Tuesday 8th November 2016- Commission, dance and auditions

Choir was a lot of fun today as we got to work on the Christmas numbers we have started learning and I really enjoy singing the alto part. It challenged us today as we had fewer people in the alto section so we had to really go for it to produce a loud enough part. The warm up we did was also really enjoyable. It was called forward and backward and it was a song with actions that helped to exercise and work on lots of different parts of the voice, I hope that it is something we do again soon. After this I attended the dancers commission lesson as I have been asked to take part in their commission piece as well as my own acting commission piece. I was excited to see what they had so far and to be a part of it as I enjoy singing and dance as well as acting. The dancers taught me all of the sections I was needed for and the steps in which I will be doing. It challenged me as although I like dancing it is not something I have ever done a lot of before or something that I am experienced in. Even though this is the case, I picked up what I needed to do by the end of the lesson and am looking forward to working with the dancers on Tuesdays to work towards their commission piece. I am glad they chose me as one of the actors who they wanted in their piece as it will be brilliant experience and useful for some of the upcoming musicals to have some more knowledge of dance. For the actors commission session we started with a few group focusing warm up exercises and then went into the table the donkey and the cudgel story. We focused specifically on the weaker scenes which included the around the world sequence where the three children get ‘wooshed’ along to different countries. We smoothed out the order which makes it look a lot cleaner and more precise. We also edited the script so that each child had a funny response to each of the countries. We then looked at the broom hitting scene as it is so quick and could be dangerous if not rehearsed and timed just right. We have done it enough times now that it looks effective and isn’t so big of a safety hazard.


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