Friday 11th November 2016- Audition Prep

In audition prep we watched the second years monologues as a lot of them have drama school auditions very soon so they wanted to show their pieces and have mock auditions. One of my favourites was Beths shakespeare monologue where she played Cressida from Troilus and Cressida. It was so enjoyable as Beth had made it really easy to understand. She didn’t have a ‘shakespeare’ voice and made the piece seem as though it was not in shakespearean at all! This was a huge achievement and I really loved how she played the character. It was clear she fully understood her character and what she was saying and what she wanted. She has her LAMDA auditon on sunday and I am interested to hear what they say and what the day is like, as LAMDA is a drama school I hope to audition for next year. Another piece that stood out from todays showing was Joshs comedic monologue, where he played Tony from Kiss Me Like You Mean It by Chris Chibnall. He managed to pace the piece really well and I enjoyed the comedy of the piece. He really characterised it well and I liked how you could clearly see that he was talking to someone, without needing another chair or prop to represent this. One thing he could work on however is having an element of movement in his piece as both this and his Shakespeare were quite still in their nature.


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