Monday 14th November 2016- Prop making and first run off script

Today we ran the table the donkey and the cudgel (which we have now named the sly Inn keeper for ease). This was the first time doing it without any scripts. Personally I think it went very well and I was able to get through the whole piece successfully. There isn’t much I can write about today as we just kept running our piece as now we are so close to the performance date it is most beneficial to just keep practicing and running what we have already got. It was useful as a session and I do now feel more familiar with what we are doing and how im going to portray my character Philomena. Something else that I did today was work on the cudgel prop. I managed to fully paper mache the prop and began covering this final layer with the brown paint. You can now start to see what it will eventually look like and I think it will work very well in our street story commission piece. One difficulty is that it takes so long to dry each time as it is so huge in person, and I think that in order to get the whole prop finished in time, I may have to spend some of my study periods working on it.img_2129


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