Tuesday 15th November 2016- Prop making, Italian Run and costumes

Today in directed study I finished off painting the cudgel. It was a great sense of achievement as I have been working on it now for such a long time. Bellow is a picture of the finished result. I am happy with the texture and how it turned out and as it is made from card board and paper mache it is also light weight and far less dangerous that a real one would be. img_2165 In our commission lesson we then went on to do an Italian run (or a speed run) of one of our commission pieces. This was really useful as it showed who needed to spend more time on learning lines and also which sections we struggled with most. I was very happy that Lynn said I was ‘the queen of knowing cues and exits and entrances’. I have worked hard at learning our piece so was glad it paid off. This took up an extensive part of our lesson but it was also a lot of fun to have to speak so quickly but still manage to get every word out clearly. I think by doing the Italian run I am much more confident in my own abilities for this particular piece. Bellow is footage of the Italian run.

After the Italian run we then discussed costume and decided that the three children should have three different coloured scarves to identify them. This also would help to add colour and fun to our street show and hopefully capture passers by attentions.


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