Wednesday 16th November 2016-Scripted, First run with props and Improv auditions

In our scripted lesson we practiced cold reading yet again. We got into boy girl pairings and then were given a script. I instantly recoginsed it to be from the play Equus by Peter Shaffer. This gave me an unfair advantage as I knew the story and the characters already where as my class mates did not. However it was still really useful having to read out the script aloud for the first time in the character Heaster. Bellow is Ryan and Is cold reading of the script. One error I am aware of watching this back is that I sat down too early and I think I played the character too casually. When watching the other pairings the people I think really did well at the task were Liam, Jess and Karolis. I think they got the character very well and had a good connection with their partners making it more believable and easy to watch.

With Erica, instead of doing improv we showed her our two commission pieces. This was the first time we used props. The first video shows how hectic and unorganised we were and then the second was after we refined elements of it. There is a big difference and the second is much clearer.


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