Wednesday 30th Novemeber- Commission performance and looking at Ghost stories

We started today at Guildhall feoffment primary school. We performed both of our street stories commission pieces ,which you can see bellow. We have been working hard at creating pieces which are specifically targeting this age group, so it was wonderful to see such a positive response from the children to our work. To see my evaluation of them, see task 9 evaluation under autumn year one. But generally we had a really lovely audience response and it was a unique and an enjoyable time for us as performers. We all gained a lot from having an all child audience and also to see weather our theories on what they would enjoy and how they would respond came true or not.


When we got back to college we looked at story telling with Gary. Specifically we looked at ghost stories. We identified that voice is an huge aspect to story telling and creating suspence. We read ghost stories for the first time and tried to do the same as if it were a script so looking up and performing, even though we hadnt read it before.

With Erica we discussed the performances at Guildhall Feoffment earlier that day and had a lengthly conversation about them.


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