Monday 5th December 2016-Commission

In the morning we watched one of the musical theatre commission pieces. The group consisted of Tom, Sophia, Sophie and Lauren. They did their piece inspired by Pal Joey and wrote the script themselves. I thought they did a great job and what they produced was really funny. I also thought that their characterisation and interactions between each other was really well thought out and entertaining. I also think that the set worked well for their style as it was minimal but effective. In our commission lessons we watched a lot of clips from well known films, shorts such as the ones Pixar show before their main feature films. This really helped stimulate ideas for our film based commission that I perhaps hadn’t previously considered. I have been home since and done my own research by watching more films and shorts that have been nominated for awards. I also have watched ‘Wild Tales’ which is a foreign film and won a bafta for best foreign film. This is something that has really inspired me as there are lots of potential scenes that I am now planning to use for my commission suggestions.




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