Thursday 8th December-Commission

Today we started off with a vocal warm up where we learnt a new chant. We followed this up by singing let your little light shine. I sang the higher part today which was new to me but im really happy that I reached the notes; being an alto. For the actual lesson we made random objects in the room into a picture. From this we created a possible narrative and then got in groups to create these in acting. We had a kingdom style piece set in the medieval period where there was betrayal from the wife who met with another man and the king and queen end up dead. The other group came up with an amazing investigation idea where they used a minimalistic set and a split screen style to show their crime drama. It was really enjoyable and effective as an idea. For the second part of the lesson we then did the same pieces but in opposite styles to the original ones. For our group we did the Jeremy Kyle show to find out the real father which still got across the same story. The other group did theirs in a soap opera/ eastenders style which also worked out brilliantly.


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