Wednesday 7th December-2016

With Gary we did some improvisation today. We got into pairs and first were set the challenge to talk to the other person without pausing for an extended amount of time. Some of the group found this difficult as they went dry and couldn’t think of things to say. Then in those same pairs Gary took one from each pairing and gave them an objective. Then he took the other people in the pairings and gave them an opposing objective. They were to have sex with the other one and also that they hated the person and wanted to get away from them. We also had the added element that Gary would clap and we would then have to turn up the intensity of how we achieved our objectives. We also tried the same tasks but only being physical or using voice. I found voice harder and physical easier especially when playing the role of liking the other person. I used leaning in, touch and contact, sitting on my partners lap and eye contact to my advantage.

With Erica we looked at our casting types as individuals. For myself we concluded that I could play a manic pixie dream girl, intellectual professional person, outcast at school or a nerd. After discussing this as a group we were then given scripts in small groups with opposing characters to our casting types. My group got an extract from mean girls where Abbie played Caddie, Tom played Damian a gay best friend and then I played Janice, who is rough and alternative, very unlike myself. This activity was really enjoyable and pushed us out of our comfort zones. It was unlike anything I had played previously and the lesson really helped me to think outside what I usually would.


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