Friday 9th Decemeber 2016- Casting Types

In audition prep we started by talking to all of the year two students who had been for their interviews at drama school and their experiences both good and bad so far. We got to hear which drama schools had felt right to them, as well as they layout of the interview days. We got to hear some of the things they did to re direct their monologues and a few of the interview questions they asked the students. It was really useful being able to hear different people’s views of the drama schools and where they thought was nice. It will definitly be useful next year when I have to start auditioning. It also gives me a good place to start with what schools to look into auditioning at. For the second part of audition prep we got into pairs with someone who wasnt in either our year or our class. I paired up with Doug who is a tech student in year one. We then had to look at each other and say the kind of roles that we think we could be casted for. Doug said that I could play a young female, an interlect and then also manic pixi dreamgirl which was a term we were recently introduced to. For Doug, I thought that he could play a main male lead, troubled teen, rich teen or possible a heroic prince type because of his blonde hair and blue eyes. Whilst this was going on, the tutors were looking for monolgues for the acting year ones which is my class. They found pieces they wanted us to look at and thought that the individual could play well. I was given the character of ‘Rachel’ from the play ‘When You Cure Me’. It is a very intense scene where the young girl recounts a tragic rape inncodent that happened to her. I plan to perchase the play and learn the monolouge over the christmas holidays so I can see what the group thinks of it when I go back after christmas.



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