Thursday 15th December 2016- Haughley Barns

Today we had the Christmas performance at Haugley Barns. Personally I was one of the four people chosen to do turn left (which is an imporvisation game), I played Bloody Mary which Harry did a reading of whilst I acted, I read a classic love sonnet with Ryan Adams who did a modern day counter part, sang with three of the year two musical theatre students in a piece called Elf and Safety and performed with the choir. It was such an enjoyable experience and im really lucky and proud to have been in so many different areas of the show. The improvisation had such a lovely reaction and I got a lot of laughs from the audience which was lovely. I really think Tom, Karolis, Lauren and I bounced off each other well and the audience loved the energy we brang as a small group. For the Bloody Mary piece the costume change went smoothly and I really embraced and loved performing in the horror genre, I also managed to make some audience members jump with the scream at the end. It was a lot of fun and something very different to anything I had been in before. With the Elf and Safety piece we also got a lot of laughs and although the piece is very silly in its nature, it definitly boosted my confidence in singing as it was just myself and three others, plus I was the only acting student singing. For the sonnet, the fact Ryan was performing his with me made me much calmer about it and I think the audience enjoyed it as several people told me after that it was very sweet and a few people were saying ‘awh’  through out it. It was also very fun how mine started classic and then ryans was a funny modern piece. We worked well together and I think it was one of my favourite pieces of the night. Finally the choir went successfuly and I remembered all of my alto harmonies which I was pleased with. It was such a lovely night and a great performance to be a part of.


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