Tuesday 13th December 2016- Haughley Barns Rehearsal

In choir we rehearsed for Haughley Barns which is on thursday. We sang through each song we would be performing and made sure that we all knew the harmonies. I am really looking forward to performing the songs and think that the performance will be an enjoyable one. In my self-directed study I worked hard at going through my lines for a midsummer nights dream, which I am playing Hermia and will be performing with Spinning Wheel Youth Takeover.

In Lynns lesson I was told that the tutors wanted me to perform a love sonnet at Haugley Barns so we decided it would be nice for the class to help me in performing it and give me some tips. We also annalysed the words which made it much easier to understand what I was saying. After this we had a discussion on our favourite poems and poets and it was really interesting to see who the group liked.


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