Friday 6th January- No Mans Land and learning how to dance

Today we went to the Abbey Gate Cinema as we had the who screen to ourselves to see Harold Pinters ‘No Mans Land’ staring  Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart. I was extreamly excited to see it as I am a huge fan of Pinters plays and have read No Mans Land already but never seen it performed. I have also read the homecoming, a night out, tea party and the birthday party which is my favourite. I have seen The Birthday party performed at Bury St Edmunds Theatre Royal by the London Classic Theatre Company and A night out by Spinning Wheels Youth Theatre Takeover. I really enjoyed being able to see the live screening of No Mans Land as it really follows the style of his plays which I love. It reminded me a lot of Samuel Becketts Waiting For Godot which is another play I love and have also seen the London Classic Theatre company perform. I also thought that Ian McKellen was incredible and really inspired me with such a stunning performance of the character Spooner.

In the afternoon we had rehearsals for our season shows Lilies On The Land and Bent but today was slightly different as for the first time, both companies joined together as both of us needed to be taught a simple quickstep dance for our pieces. We partnered up and I learnt the steps with Will which ended up being really good fun and highly enjoyable, even if our dancing wasn’t perfect. We then had to be asked by another male to dance which is something that would have happened in the time period of our plays so I then danced with Henry and Brayden. Then we had to do a round where the girls asked the boys to dance as in our piece we have a ‘Ladies Excuse Me Quickstep’ where the women have to ask the men to dance. I went with Karolis for this. Finally  we had one more round where we could go with anyone and I went back with Will again. It was a really fun season rehearsal and we leant such a useful skill for our industry which im certain will help me in Lilies and in the future.


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