Thursday 5th January-Reactions and trust for our commission

We started today by having a talk with ex students Robbie Noonan and Paris Moulds who have gone off this year to MTA, which is a leading drama school. They talked about the experiences they have had in the actual school, moving away from home, being in london and all the good and bad they have faced so far. They emphasised the tough day they face with early starts and being pushed to succeed in every area and it was really motivational to see two people look so happy doing what I myself am aiming to do next year. It showed to us that with hard work and preparation it is possible and that what we are dreaming and aiming for can become a reality.

We then went to our first lesson with Lynn where we warmed up with a game of mince tag which is just like ordinary tag but you have to walk instead of run. We then played hospital tag which requires you to hold every part of your body which gets tagged which can end up looking very amusing. We focused primarily on over the top reactions and melodrama as for our commission we are doing it in the style of a silent movie which often go to extremes with facial expressions and reactions as they have to compensate for the lack of audio which at the time they didn’t have the understanding in technology to have mastered. Lynn separated the group into two teams and I was put with Mia, Liam, Eren, Karolis and Tom. We then were given a title of a short piece which we would have to create using no sound. We had impending doom, a courageous journey, lunatic at large, the fainting girl and arrival of the alien creatures. My favourite was the couragious journey where we took the stereotype of having an unsafe precarious bridge to cross which we had to do as characters that were again stock stereotypes. We had Karolis go first in a brave manner to show his leadership position in the group, Eren trick us as the old man who pretends to fall but is fine, Tom being nervous but pretending he was tough, Mia and I took on the scared girls who needed Karolis to go back and pull us through and finally Liam who thought it was fine ended up falling. This worked so well as we really committed to the stereotypes. We also did some trust exersises such as the trust fall with someone who you may not work with as much. Liam and I worked together which I found harder than I thought, being self conscious and not knowing Liam as well as perhaps other members in the group. However this showed me that it is something I need to work on as for a whole group piece, trust in everyone is vital.


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