Wednesday 4th January 2017- Mock Slides and Introduction to commission

We arrived back from the christmas break and started of with Gary. He told us that we had the next week to work on ‘a slide’. He gave us the sheet bellow which explained that slides are commonly given out in auditions and its something we should work on. It also gave some really useful tips such as to get there early and to be as confident as possible. We also got told that the task we would be working on was a slide for two girls and one male which required an american accent of our choosing and was based around the crime drama/ detective genre. I was excited by this task and got into a group with Jess and Will.


Once in our group we read through the slide a few times and then had a discussion on who should play which character. We gave Will the male part as that was logical and then decided that Jess should play Rosie and I would play the second detective whose name is Janesen. For determining the accent we googled the location and decided it would be nice to have the scene set in the state next to it so that the police interrogation would make sence. Therefore we ended up setting it in Iowa and then proceeded to look at their accents. We started blocking the scene and then decided we would meet for rehearsals on Monday and Tuesday so we could practice what we had come up with off script and also finalize the blocking.

In Ericas lesson we were introduced to our first commission piece, which the year one actors are doing as a whole group. It will be done in the style of a black and white silent movie and be inspired from Godzilla, Jurassic Park and King Kong, which were three separate ideas suggested when we had to put forward suggestions. We talked first about the potential difficulties and problems faced with in this task. One of course was the fact that we are a relativly large group and we will have to include everyone and be able to agree on one over all idea. Another was the practicality of what we are going to do because we need to think of how it is realistically going to work. We split of into groups of threes to discuss potential ideas. I went with Tom and Liam and we talked about the idea of having portable monsters with wheels and also the combination of actors, props and the effect of shadows. We thought shadow might be good as it solved the problem of having to build a giagantic monster in a short amount of time as smaller objects can be made to look much bigger depending on where they are placed. It was a good lesson to just begin to brain storm possible options for us as a whole group.


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