Monday 9th January 2017- Speaking in Made Up Languages

Today we did several improvisation games such as the interview game, which involves three people. One is an expert, one is a translator and the other is the interviewer. The game was a lot of fun and it also really helped us with making made up languages which we could use for our commission where some of us are playing aliens. In fact, in the second part of the lesson, we looked at actual languages and tried to find patterns in the flow and tempo of how people speak. We looked at different accents and languages and how some emphosise different letters, some elongated vowels and some were highly different in speed. We were then challenged to give a talk in pairs, in a compleatly made up language but it had to sound convincing and also that both people in the pair were speaking the same made up language. I was paired with Tom and we procceded to think up ideas. We ended up baising ours from German. It was’nt actual German but had the same blunt sounds and we tried to emmulate the rthyme of how people from Germany talk. I think that over all we were relativly successful.


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