Tuesday 10th January 2017-Commission Pieces Handed Out

We started today by singing a new song in choir. It was ‘Rainbow Connection’ from the Muppets and it will be something that the year ones will be singing as a group, as a part of the inspired by film commission. I enjoyed learning a new song and am going to have to be particular and strong when it comes to the alto harmonies as there will only be a few of us. After choir we were finally told our other commission pieces and our casted characters and groups for the inspired by film commission. I will be in a group with Ryan Adams and Sophia Barrett, doing a piece based on ‘The Theory Of Everything’. The two of them will be doing a dance as the characters of Stephen and Jane, whilst I will read a monologue to the music from the perspective of Jane. I am excited to start working with the two musical theatre students and I think that it will be nice to work with people who often I don’t get a chance too. However one concern is the limited time we have to get everything done and it may be hard to find times where all three of us are available to rehearse. The other commission piece that I have been given is another monologue but from the film Bridget Jones Diary. I hadn’t seen the film but I watched it tonight and it is a very funny piece and will contrast nicely to the other monologue I will be doing. I have already got some ideas with props, costumes and blocking that I will be experimenting with. Then Will, Jess and I rehearsed for our scripted slide for Gary. We changed a few elements of the blocking and it was really useful for all of us to practice off script before our lesson on wednesday. In Lynns lesson we assigned roles for our group commission which is the silent movie piece. Liam and I will be focusing mainly on the opperation and making of the props. I am very happy with this role as I love being visually creative and making things from scratch. We started today by sketching some ideas and discussing with the other members of the group what they think would look good. We also looked online and researched several different ways we could make things such as the giant spider, the robot and the alien characters we have in the piece. This was really useful and meant that we could see what would work practically and also on a low budget.


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