Monday 16th January 2017- Props and Commission

Today was heavily focused around making progress for the inspired by film commission. I firstly began by spray painting a good portion of the robot costume for the silent movie. It is making good progress and im pleased with how it is looking.



After this, I met with Ryan and Sophia for our first proper discussion on the theory of everything piece. We talked about what days and times we could meet so that we had an actual schedule to plan out our time. This was a good move as we will probably be more likely to stick to it now that it has been agreed on. We also talked about costume for the piece and how we want to find similar clothing to what they wore in the film. We want Sophia and I to wear the same thing so that the audience will be able to see that we are the same person but at different stages in her life. For my staging we want to keep myself stationary and to one side as this wont distract from the dance that Ryan and Sophia will be doing.

When I got home I watched the theory of everything so that the story was clear in my head. When watching it, I focused on Jane and also noted down some key quotes that she says. After this I started to combine the quotes with what happened chronologically and also my own writting to create the monologue. Im very proud and happy with the end result. I even wrote it so that the mood of the monologue follows the emotion in the music which is the track called ‘a game of croquet’. Sophia and Ryan also liked it alot and it means now we can really start to rehearse the dance they do. The monologue itself follows Janes perspective of the relationship she has with Stephen Hawking. It starts from the first time she sees him and then runs up until the time she leaves him after it all getting too much for handle. It leaves a lot of creativity for the dance as there are purposeful pauses and also shows Stephens stages in his condition, which Ryan will be able to capture in the dance through the stuggle to be able to dance and move as normal. Its also a touching script that is a little more serious than the bridget monologue im also doing, which will be a good contrast.



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