Wednesday 18th January-Directing

In Garys lesson we got introduced to a new task where the girls will be directing the boys in a scene they will be performing next week. I am working with Karolis, Ryan and Mia. After reading it through as a group, Mia and I casted Karolis as Tight and Ryan as Tom as we thought that they fitted these characters best. I then started to highlight, underline and make notes on the script on how I wanted it directed, stage directions. Bellow is my annotated script. We blocked the scene and will meet up as a group once the two boys have learnt their lines to work on it further. I really enjoyed having a chance to direct as it isnt something I have done much of in the past but I really liked the creativity and the thought process in the role of directing. It also helps for acting as you get a different perspective and approach to the lines and the staging. For Ericas lesson, I helped will with his magic act and he helped me with my monologue for bridget jones by suggesting ideas.

forming next week.


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