Tuesday 24th January 2017- production decisions 

We explained to the technical theatre students what we wanted to do for our commission pieces with the tech side of things today. We asked what was possible with the space and equipment. I was also able to explain what we wanted to achieve with lighting and sound. I gave James the youtube link to the music we want to use for the theory of everything piece, he will then convert it into an MP3 so it is in a useable format. For lighting I explained that we wanted the lighting to be dim and intimate to build up the atmosphere. For the Bridget Jones piece, I wanted to keep the lighting warm and natural as she is at home in the scene. I explained that I have already sorted costume and props so they didn’t need to help source any. We then started to write a descriptive paragraph on what our piece is about, so that it can be used in the program. I wrote: 
This piece is inspired by the film the theory of everything and the lives of Stephen and Jane Hawking. A moving look into Janes perspective as they soar and struggle in their relationship. 


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