Thursday 26th 2017- Progress chat on Commission

Today we talked through how far we had gotten with our pieces and a few showed how far they had got. The James Bond spoof was really comical and I loved the writting. It made me laugh and I loved how each of them had really taken it upon themselves to create such stereotypical Bond characters. I think that the fight club scenes was good also, but perhaps needed more time for the cast to work on characterisation and the tone of the piece. Although this is the case, I loved the ideas they had about the ending and leaving through the fire exit. Jess also showed her monologue and I think that vocally she was brilliant. She had compleatly aced the American accent and had worked out a good pace and places for internations to make the speech sound effective. I think that the only thing she could do from now to make it even better is to sort out the movement and make sure she only moves for effect, because she has a small habbit to shuffle about when doing her monologue. I also showed my Bridget Jones but im not too happy with the place it is in right now so will need to find some time that I can work on it.


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