Monday 30th January 2017-Commission Progress Sharing 

Today I spoke with Lynn about how the commission was going and we decided together that it might be best to cut the Bridget Jones piece. This was due to the short amount of time left and the fact that it has taken less of a priority to my other group pieces of The Theory Of Everything, the Titanic movement piece and the two Choir songs. It was too much in too little time so I wanted to focus on having less pieces but doing them really well. After this decision, all of the year 1 students met up to show the pieces so far and what we had got for the commission show. It was brilliant to see the variety. A few of my personal favourites included the spoof ‘James Bond’ scene due to the comedy it adds to the show, Emily’s cover of Papa Can You Hear me’ as it was so honest and beautifully sung, the girls singing ‘kiss from a rose’ which had brilliant harmonies, Dylan and Liam’s sketch inspired by Buster Keaton as it was really original and cleverly done, the MT charleston inspired by ‘The Great Gatsby’ and the dance which Tom and Chloe did inspired by ‘up’ as it was a journey and they showed the highs and lows in such an elegant way. As for the piece Ryan, Sophia and I are doing that is inspired by ‘The Theory Of Everything’, I think that it went really well and we got a lot of positive feedback from our peers and the tutors afterwards. I think we have perfectly captured the sensitive and emotional storyline and just need to work on perfecting it now. The choir pieces were harder than expected, due to the fact we had 4 Altos now that it’s just the year ones. This was even harder as two members aren’t as strong and confident in the harmonies but we have planned to over come this by meeting up and rehearsing our parts. Then we got together for our first rehearsal for the titanic movement piece. We got our costumes together and the decided initial blocking and what we want to happen. 


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