Tuesday 31st January 2017- Choir and Titanic Commission

We started in choir with learning more of ‘Joyful Joyful’ and I’m relatively confident of the alto part. We plan to work on this throughout the week to make it perfect. I then spent the rest of the day working on the Titanic movement piece. We have decided to add lots of dance elements and lifts into the drowning section. I am now being lifted by Chris and we spent a while experimented with what was physically possible and also what is going to work with the style and look most effective. We have now got several lifts we can develop over the week.   I personally am going to work on my core and holding the positions, Chris is used to lifting people as he is more experienced in this area due to being in MT and doing a lot of dance, I however am new to this and want to improve by being in this project. I then worked with Sophia and Jess in creating a small dance sequence which was flowy and graceful to reprecent the sea part of the piece. It’s coming together well but causing some issues as it is a large group with strong opinions. We are however trying to be rational and choose what is best for the piece. 


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