Friday 1st February 2017- cutting the Titanic

Today we made the decision to cut the Titanic piece. This was a difficult decision as we had some good elements and things such as the lifts, took us a long time to perfect. However the group felt as if it wouldn’t be ready in time for the shows on Wednesday and Thursday and it had to go. It was a good experience as it gave me some experience in lifts and dance which I am not as familiar with. It also showed that a director is important for these kinds of pieces, as we had so many people and people with such strong opinions which often clashed and couldn’t come to an agreement on. On top of this we all had very different work styles across the subjects and we found that the dancers, musical theatre student and actors all worked differently. Some wanted to improvise something then work on perfecting it, some wanted to talk through it all first and others wanted to experiment ‘moments’ in the piece such as different lifts and the fit the rest around it. The other problem was the fact that we had two different approaches to performing as well. We had the actors who wanted to focus on character and then dancers who wanted to make it much more interpretative dance based.


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