Thursday 2nd February 2017- Commission

Today we just worked on the theory of everything piece and making it as polished and ready to perform as possible. We got Gary to help us with the choreography and he managed to open the piece out more. He really helped me with my monologue as well because he told me to change the tone completely for the different sections of Stephens life that I talk about. This worked well and by making the start happier, it allows for the audience to become attached to the characters and when Stephen falls ill they then have more of an emotional bond where they feel bad for him. We also changed the position I stand in so that more of the space can be used for Ryan and Sophia to dance. It also means that the majority of the audience can see something. We also added more movement in the beginning so that when Stephen does loose the ability to move, it has more of a juxtaposition and hits harder once again.


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