Monday 20th February 2017- WordPress

Today was the first day back after half term, and a lot of people hadn’t fully compleated all of their tasks for the ‘Inspired by film’ commission. Therfore in order for them to have time to get all of the work done before we start the final major project, our timetable was collapsed so that people could spend the time working on the commission tasks. However as I had made sure to compleate the tasks earlier on, I just had to go over everything that I had writen up, in order to make sure there was nothing else I needed or wanted to add. I double checked my work and am happy with what I have written for the tasks, especially for the evaluation and also the problem solving essays.

As I had a lot of the day left and my work was compleatly up to date, I decided that I could use my time beneficially and started to look at some potential audition monologues. I looked through a few ‘Simon Stephen’ plays to see if there were any female monologues in my casting age and ability. I marked the ones I wanted to revisist and have been able to find a few potential options., in which I can look over at the weekend when I have more time to look at them and read the plays they come from. I have learnt that a monologue is so much more informed and you can give a more truthful performance, if you read the entire play and can see the character in more depth. It is now a vital step for me once I chose a monologue I am considering doing.

Also in the time that I had free, I decided that I could benefit from some time dedicated to line learning. In the next term I will be in several productions so I want to be as prepared as possible. I will be in the colleges season show ‘Lilies On The Land’ which is made up of real life accounts of land girls in the war and it follows their experiences and contributions to the war effort. I have the challenge of portraying multiple characters as there is alot of multi roleing as the land girls all tell storys, with several characters in their ‘memory world’. All of which, I want to make different and characterise them fully. I will also be in a production of ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’ with ‘Spinning Wheel Theatre Company’ as a part of their ‘Youth Takeover’ and am playing the role of ‘Hermia’. She is one of the main characters and although I have learnt the lines already, I still thought I could go over the play on my own again. I am also a part of the ‘Bury St Edmunds Theatre Royal’s Youth Theatre’ and we are putting on the play ‘Girls Like That’ by ‘Evan Placey’ which is another all female cast along with ‘Lilies On The Land’. This means that over the next few weeks I will be extreamly busy and so I spent the remaining hours of the day, going through each play and my lines. After doing this, I feel much more prepared and confident in my characters and the lines.


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