Thursday 23rd February 2017- Characterisation

In Lynns lesson we looked at characterisation and we started with us all walking around the room. We then had to start noticing the way we walked and then emphosise the characteristics of that walk. I have very inward facing feed and am quite light when I place my feet down. After this we took on someone elses walk and then emphosise them. I chose  Justin because his walk is a compleate juxtaposition to mine, as he walks with his feet pointing out and is heavy footed. He is also relativly slow and swings his arms, where as I am more used to walking at a pace in a direct fashion. It was really interesting to see Tom, who took on my walk. I started to notice things that I did but never really knew I was doing. We then continued to walk around the room as Lynn would call out different scenarios and emotions that we needed to show, through the way that we moved. This helped us in creating characters that are instantly recognisable for what they need to be shown feeling.  We then spent the second half of the lesson, looking at a scene from ‘Twelth Night’. Specifically we were to focus on the character of the ‘Clown’. Liam, Eren, Will and I were put into a group to discuss how we could portray the clown. I suggested a rumpelstiltskin inspired character and then Liam put forward the idea of a Del Boy from ‘Only Fools And Horses’. We played about with these two characters and then showed them back to the class.



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