Tuesday 21st February 2017- New Commission

In choir we were learning ‘Joyful Joyful’ from the musical ‘Sister Act 2’. We went over the start of the song and our harmonies that we had learnt the previous term. It was good to refresh these as the ‘Inspired By Film’ commission had taken priority near the end, so it was good for us to go over what we had already done. We then proceeded to learn the next part of the song and I feel like having singing lessons and being part of the choir has really helped my confidence in singing. I am finding it easier to be louder and really precise with the notes and harmonies that the altos sing. This has led to myself being able to help other altos in our choir who are struggling.

After choir, we then had our first commission lesson of this term. We were given the brief of our final major project commission, which will be ‘Inspired By Art’. Initially I was confused at how the concept would work and was unsure of where to start. However we spent the time we had in our lesson breaking down the commission and the tasks we had to do, so that we all had a better idea of what the collaborative project required of us. This was really helpful and now I have an understanding of what I need to do in order to succesfully pull off this project. I am also excited by the project as I currently don’t know very much about art in the forms of paintings and sculptures, having never studied art at GCSE’s or A levels, so this will be a really good opportunity to plug my cultural deficit and learn something new. I started to think about how I wanted to approach this commission and also began to note down any initial ideas I had, whether that be artists or specific paintings and some general concepts I may want to research further. I plan to research in-depth a lot of these small ideas because after the last commission,  I can see the benefits of in depth research and know how much it helped the overall performance. Also I learnt that small ideas at the start can lead to bigger better ideas and can also inspire new ideas entirely. We discussed as a group all of the artists we already knew and wrote them down so that we could look into them at a later date.


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