Wednesday 22nd February- Script Work

In our scripted lesson today, we showed back a piece that Mia and I had directed and was acted by Ryan and Karolis. It was ‘Burying Your Brother Under The Pavement’ By Jack Thorne. unfortunately Ryan and Karolis didn’t learn the script as there was an interruption in the rehearsals in the form of our ‘Inspired By Film Commission’ and because of their being an extensive period of time between the last rehearsal, they had forgotten quite a few of the specific directions in which Mia and I had suggested to put into place. This did hinder the piece significantly and meant that the performance that they gave could have been much stronger. This being said, Karolis and Ryan did manage to have good proxemics. Karolis invaded Ryan’s space and Ryan physically tried to get away from him, which helped them show their character relationship clearly. This was one of the biggest positives for the piece. However the lack of line learning did stop the flow of the piece and was a contributing factor to the audience losing the connection to the characters and plot. This showed me how vital learning lines confidently is and as it is something I like to be strong on, I will be learning my lines for every piece we get given in the future. Something else that I think could have been improved on in Ryan and Karolis’s performance was how they embodied the characters. They had good characterisation but they could have gone a lot further and physically emphasised them a lot more. Ryan could have taken Mia’s and my suggestion to play Tom a lot more scared, Karolis could have been bolder and louder vocally and physically. As for Mia and I, I think that we had staged it well, interpreted the script in a good and realistic way and analysed the characters well. However we could have been more specific with the location so that we could include things such as accent and understand the dialect better. This is something I will look into next time I am challenged at directing a piece. The finer details are what makes a great piece.

In our lesson with Erica, we went over the commission in finer detail, as she is the one heading this project. One of my ideas for the ‘Inspired By Art’ theme revolved around the tutors being happy with us using illustrators for our art stimulous. Luckily Erica clarified that she is happy for me to use an illustration. This means that my idea to do Laura Wades ‘Alice’ can be put forward.


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