Friday 24th February 2017-Audition Preperation

In audition class, we spent the lesson learning a new folk dance, which was really enjoyable. I always like spending some time on dance, as it is so new to me and Its a skill that I would definitely like to improve upon. We learnt the steps with the partner Lynn picked for us, then once we were confident, we tried doing it so that after each sequence the girl would be passed on to dance with the next male partner. It was a really good exercise and meant we got to work on something completely new with a variety of people. We also had a chance to do some voice warm ups. We did the regular round of our poor bird but different to usual, we did the rounds in groups but also walked around the room at random. This meant it was important for each individual to hold their own harmonies and keep in time in their heads. We also tried to match the pace of our walk to the tempo of the music. The over all sound was fantastic and it was really interesting being able to hear this sea of strong voices.

Liam then decided that he would like to read a monologue for the class to see if we thought it would be a suitable audition piece for him. Liam had been saying that he wanted to find a cynical monologue, so I previously suggested he look at ‘Chadwick’ from the play ‘Punk Rock’, which is a play written by one of my personal favourite contemporary play writes ‘Simon Stephens’. He had chosen the speech I had suggested and it was really interesting to hear Liam’s interpretation of the character and the piece. Although this is the case, I feel as though at the moment the monologue was all in one tone and he could have looked into and picked out more emotions and ways to deliver different lines, so it shows his range and also what the character is going through. However it is a believable character for him to play and does suite him well. If he choses to persue it, then im sure it could turn out to be a really good piece for him. It also showed the importance of reading the whole play, before having to do the monologue because it was clear that Liam wasn’t really sure of the character and how the speech fitted in with the play as a whole.


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